AnaTechINC - Anatech launches OOFOS Recovery Sandals in Canada Spring 2014

latest news - Oofos launch small pic

OOFOS USA welcomed Anatech to the OOFOS team in 2014 as the exclusive Canadian distributor of the OOFOS line of Recovery Sandals.

OOFOS has been pioneering the footwear recovery category since 2011 and is already seen as a market leader ranking the #1 best recovery shoe by Sneaker Report in 2013.



OOFOS can be found in many outlets across Canada and hundreds of Canadians have already fallen in love with these fabulous sandals. Designed to jumpstart the recovery process, OOFOS footwear offers unparalleled impact absorption and arch support. Whether you’ve just finished running, playing, lifting or just had a long day, put your feet into a pair of OOFOS.

The testimonials are passionate from people from all walks of life, from serious athletes like Megan of Manchester in New Hampshire, who says, “I love my Oofos. As a runner and triathlete, my calves, hamstrings and back are always tight. When I put on my Oofos I can feel the stretch all the way up my back!”  

Then there are people like Lauren or Corvallis, Oregon who says: “I started wearing them when I had Plantar Fasciitis. I could barely walk! I’d had it before and it had taken a year to heal. My pain was gone wearing OOFOS everyday, in about 4 months! I don't ever want to have it again and I wear my OOFOS everyday to make sure!