AnaTechINC - To High Heel or Not to High Heel?

Footlogics Canada explains why you can wear heels all day or night with the Catwalk high heel insole.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) April 23, 2013

Walking in heels means most of your body weight is placed on the front of the feet, causing the forefoot structure to collapse. This excess force and friction leads to common conditions like ball of foot pain, burning sensation under the foot (Metatarsalgia), callous and corns and even aching legs.

Women who wear high heels and fashion shoes often complain of pain under the balls of their feet, but this type of pain can also occur in normal, flat shoes as well.

People suffering from Metatarsalgia describe their pain as a burning sensation that is at its worst when the feet are in tight fashion shoes or high heels for extended periods of time. It is typically accompanied by the formation of excess calluses on the ball of the foot.

What Causes Pain in the Ball of the Foot?

Pain is felt when the forefoot bones (metatarsals) drop and surrounding ligaments weaken, which causes the entire structure of your forefoot to collapse. This increases the friction and pressure placed on the ball of your foot. When you wear heels, your forefoot area is forced to absorb 70-80% of your body weight, elevating the occurrence of pain.

Catwalk insoles are a breakthrough in high heel comfort. They support the arch and metatarsal, distributing body weight evenly and taking the pressure off the ball of the foot. This unique technology makes women’s fashion shoes more comfortable to wear, for longer hours.