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The founders of OOFOS LLC are well-respected and very experienced footwear specialists.  The men behind the idea were Juan Dias, Lou Panaccione, Paul Brown and Steve Liggett, who combined, have over 100 years of involvement in developing, designing, manufacturing, and sourcing footwear for some of the biggest international brands in the world such as Nike, Reebok, Clarks, Dunlop, and Pirelli.

Now, a few years after launching OOFOS in 2011, the people behind the brand have discovered that their passion has transferred over to you... the consumer.  If you love Feeling the OO and want to spread the word, why not become an OOFOS Ambassador!


Love To Inspire Others?

At OOFOS, we’ve discovered we’re not the only ones with a passion for wellness, the healthy, active lifestyle, and plugging away at daily fitness goals. If you love sharing your passion with the athletic and fitness community through teaching, training and recovery, consider becoming an OOFOS Ambassador.

  • first access to new products
  • wear testing new styles
  • working closely with the OOFOS design team
  • professional discounts
  • networking

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Founding OOFOS Ambassador Linda Jaros


“I love helping to build a diverse community of OOFOS Ambassadors — therapists, trainers, instructors, coaches, chiropractors, podiatrists. We share new ideas about how to help those we interact with to better train, workout and recover. Let’s help make people feel better!"
— Linda Jaros
Founding OOFOS Ambassador and Owner of The Life Breath Wellness Center and Yoga Studio in East Greenwich, RI