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Anatex Anaprene

Anaprene is a closed cell, perforated neoprene (Neoprene: is a synthetic rubber that is produced by polymerization of chloroprene) with either a plush lined or nylon covered interior. Our branded Anaprene products are manufactured in 2mm, 3mm or 5mm thicknesses, please consult the features page on product in question for more specific item details.

The Anaprene perforations support a two way air flow helping make our neoprene braces cooler and more comfortable to wear.

Anatex is made of a urethane membrane bonded between layers of lycra and shiny terry.

More durable than other lamination processes, our braces have a longer life without lining separation. Less than 1mm thick, braces manufactured out of Anatex are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. Taking advantage of the nap on the inner lining, our supports are cut in such a way as to help prevent the brace from sliding down. Two added benefits of the Anatech material is its’ ability to wick away perspiration and two-way air flow, making the brace cool and comfortable.