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Foot Orthotics

Some people develop discomfort in the foot, leg, or lower back when they first start to wear orthotics. Don’t worry, this is normal and is due to a realignment of the whole lower extremities and pelvis.

Your muscles and ligaments have to readjust to this new corrected alignment and when they do the discomfort will disappear. Most patients won’t suffer from this type soreness, however if they do, generally disappears within two or three weeks. If this is a problem for you, it is advisable to gradually "break in" your new orthotics by wearing them for short periods at a time. Persistent discomfort may require adjustment to your orthotics or a visit to a medical professional.

Yes! High arched, supinated feet are generally tight and rigid. Orthotics help to redistribute the pressures from the ball of the foot and heel. An orthotic will also help to support and stabilize the heel.

The majority of our full length orthotics have guidelines for trimming, if required.  Use your current shoe's insole as a template for trimming.  Please contact customer service with any questions.