AnaTechINC - Neck & Shoulder

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A selection of our most popular neck and shoulder supports.   Please visit our medical catalogue for further product information.



8000s 215x175    
Cervical Collar
2x17" - 4x21"



744001 215x175 783001 215x175 AS8 215x175
Anatech AC Protector
#744001/2 *
Left or Right / Small - XLarge
Anatech Shoulder Restraint
#783001/2 *
Left or Right / Custom sized
Adult Arm Sling
One Size
AS7 215x175 11583 216x175 11206 215x175
Youth Arm Sling
One Size
Posture Support
One Size
Sling and Swathe
One Size
 * Custom sizing and styling available on select products