Ken, JK Medical
February 26, 2008
Just to give you an update on these wrist supports that were custom designed for my customer. She now believes that the sun rises and shines on Anatech. She is just totally amazed that a company would actually go that extra mile for her. She was telling me that she did a fair amount of talking about Anatech and her wrist support at the Tournament of Hearts where she spent the most of last week. She was talking to the curlers and everybody there, so if that's true, that's kinda neat! Just thought I would pass that on.
Debby Pidwerbesky R.N., D & D Quality Care, Moosejaw SK
April 20, 2007
WAY TO GO ANATECH!! My biggest challenge in over 10 years of business was trying to accommodate a customer to fit an abdominal hernia support. The hernia was the size of an extra large grapefruit, but even more of the challenge was the abdominal girth of over 66". Surgery was not an option at this time for my customer. When I phoned Anatech and spoke to Kim on the order desk, she went to great lengths to discuss with her colleagues and sent me a support to try. I wish you could have seen the expression of this customer when the brace not only fit well, but was more than comfortable to wear!  THANKS SO MUCH AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!